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Joan offers the following series of workshops as received from her guides. They take you to a higher level of understanding and love. Each workshop interacts and builds upon the others to assist you to discover and live your soul's purpose.

Please visit the Events page for dates and locations.

The Living Rainbow

    The purpose of the Rainbow Workshop is to assist you to consciously connect to the energy of the full spectrum of rainbow colors. The energy of the colors is the energy of spirit/source that is available to each of us to heal ourselves and our relationships.    Details for this Workshop

Synergistic Energy Connection, Levels 1 to IV

    If you are interested in raising your energy level without taking energy from others and also clearing a major block you may not even be aware of, the Level I workshop is for you. Levels II, III & IV follow in order and each builds upon the previous workshop.    Details for this Workshop Series

Mother Mary, Mother Martyr

    The "Mother Mary" energy is beginning to flow in and sweep the planet. In the past her energy has been overlooked or in the shadows because the emphasis was on the male energy of Jesus. Now it is time for her to stand in her own power. Divine feminine power. The feminine energy that many have felt missing from the planet.    Details for this Workshop

Walking Through Chaos and Confusion

    Aka  The Journey back in time with Jesus. Chaos and Confusion the big C's of losing our energy. Are Chaos and Confusion stopping you from becoming who you came here to be?    Details for this Workshop

Seven Baby Steps to Healing Your Inner Child

    Each of us has the secret of Inner Healing inside of us. We have the key. Not someone out there, not some thing out there. It is all within. We are going to unlock the door to that secret with the Seven Steps of Healing for your Inner Child.    Details for this Workshop


Joan's Spirit Guides continually bring forth new material for her to share. Please check back often!