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Walking Through Chaos and Confusion

Aka  The Journey back in time with Jesus Workshops Main Page

Chaos and Confusion the big C's of losing our energy. Are Chaos and Confusion stopping you from becoming who you came here to be? Join us in this experiential workshop to:

  • Identify the hidden ways you are losing energy to Chaos and Confusion.

  • Discover where you are receiving negative energy hits from Chaos and Confusion.

  • Learn baby step tips to assist you to walk through Chaos and Confusion into a more peaceful life.

  • Experience a practical energy exercise to build a safe, soft, loving space, within and around your Physical Mental and Emotional bodies. (Birthing the Golden Seed of Life within you)

  • Participate in a powerful exercise to release outdated memories of fear, betrayal, pain, and sadness, chaos and confusion, and depression from your cellular memory. (Journey Back in Time with Jesus)

Each participant will receive handouts of both exercises.