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Mother Mary, Mother Martyr

The "Mother Mary" energy is beginning to flow in and sweep the planet. In the past her energy has been overlooked or in the shadows because the emphasis was on the male energy of Jesus. Now it is time for her to stand in her own power. Divine feminine power. The feminine energy that many have felt missing from the planet. Workshops Main Page

Many women are taught that being a mother is to sacrifice yourself for your children. To be a martyr. To be a caretaker. The divine female energy is not a martyr or caretaker energy. It's a "care about energy." I care about you and I care enough about you that I allow you to do and be whoever you came here to be. To experience whatever you came here to experience.

In this workshop we explore the ways that women have been indoctrinated into the Mother Mary--Mother Martyr belief system and we practice tools to release these old outdated beliefs and learn not to take ourselves so seriously.