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Are you ready? Are you really, truly ready to expand your Master Consciousness? This is a monthly gathering that is called by the "soul essences" of those who live with the intention of staying awake as they walk through the sleeping human experience. Yes for those who are TRULY ready not just playing games with expanding their Master Consciousness?

What a wonderful time in the history of the planet for you Masters to begin a New Year with the wonderful energies of the Angelic Realm. Instead of starting off the New Year with a big bang start it off with the unique and beautiful and also very beneficial energies of the angels.

Each month Joan is given guidance and directions from the essences of the souls called to the next step of their awakening. It is evolutionary and is assisting participants to expand their awareness and their consciousness. Each meeting participants work on evolving their individual consciousness, the group consciousness, and the world's collective consciousness.

These gatherings began in May 2010 and each has had different focuses. There will be at least 12 gatherings. Titles and topics are announced whenever Joan receives instructions for a new focus. Thanks Masters for all you the clearing you have accomplished in this past year.


February 23, 2014
Building a Stairway to the Stars -- Integrating with Universal Energies and stopping off for brief visits to experience the energies of Mars and Venus.

Location: Joan's House
396 Woodland Ave.
Middletown PA 17057

Fee: $35.00
Time: 1pm to 4-4:30pm
Phone: (717) 944-4617

Class Is Also Available By Live Telecon Call And Mp3 Download.

And yes there will be snacks. My husband has another new sweet treat in store for you.

This life changing new year we'll bring in a series of classes to assist you all to step out of the box, take down the walls and release the hypnosis of the planet to become the teachers the standards you came here to be.
Are you ready? Are you really ready?