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The Living Rainbow Workshop

Aka the Rainbow, the Chakras and You
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The purpose of the Rainbow Workshop is to assist you to consciously connect to the energy of the full spectrum of rainbow colors. The energy of the colors is the energy of spirit/source that is available to each of us to heal ourselves and our relationships.

Rainbow over a harbor town.

In this workshop you will experience that energy through various exercises using all the colors of the Rainbow. You will receive tools to work with the colors to find blocks and imbalances you are unaware of.

    • Rainbow Swirl Technique will assist each person to pull in the energy of balance and peace.

    • Rainbow Colors Energy Technique will help each person to identify which color/chakra combinations they have come to heal in this lifetime.

    • Rainbow Color Integration integrates all the wisdom, energy and experiences you have gained from each color/chakra journey to come into complete balance.

    • Rainbow Week with Colors/Chakras gives you a tool to use at home as you go through the week working with a different color/chakra each day.

    • The Rainbow Sex Technique Gives you a tool to use at home to experience sexual union from a balanced rainbow - - union with the divine in each of you.