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Intuitive Readings

Are you ready to make your
Soul Path Connection?

Soul Calling Intuitive/Psychic Readings and DNA Intensives in person or over the phone. Sessions are taped for your convenience.

By calling in your Soul Essence and your Master Angel, Joan guides and supports you on your soul's evolution through this human experience by accessing the wisdom of your soul's journey.

Making the Soul Path Connection is a healing tool aligning you with your soul's calling.


Softly and tenderly your soul is calling.

The Soul Calling Intuitive/Psychic Session:

  • Aligns with the voice of your Soul Essence
  • Tells you how you can move forward in your soul's evolution
  • Gives you very specific information about your next step
  • Tells you how spirit will help you achieve that next step
  • Shows you how your Soul Essence and guides work with you
  • Offers guidance on your current situations


A Soul Calling Intensive is for those who want more assistance. It is for those who make their soul's calling a priority in their life, those ready to move forward. Are you ready to connect with your soul at a deeper level?

The Soul Calling Intensive Sessions:

  • Identify specific blocks related to situations from this life
  • Receive information about how past lives and ancestral history relate to your soul's calling
  • Clears out past-life and ancestral memories stored in your DNA that keep you stuck or in confusion
  • Release energy blocks that are controlling aspects of your life